At Bulldog Carts, we are continually striving to build the highest quality cart that will leave the customer more than satisfied. We our committed to staying in contact with our customers to ensure their complete satisfaction with our work. Although sometimes even with the most extensive of quality control measures; things can go wrong. We understand it can be very frustrating to invest thousands of dollars into a purchase only to have it fail.

With a staff dedicated to making the closest to perfect product we offer a 90 day parts warranty at no extra cost. During the first three months of your purchase if any problem presents itself under our normal wear guidelines Bulldogcarts will warranty that part. Bulldogcarts therefore warranties the original purchaser of any refurbished golf cart purchased from Bulldogcarts, shall it be covered under warranty for appropriate use and service as a golf cart for the duration of the warranty. The warranty is subject to certain provisions, limitations and exclusions.

Warranty Coverage:

Frame and body trim, brakes, wheel hub and bearings, spindle and swing arm assemblies, steering shaft, bushings, fittings, leaf springs, shocks, main and sub electrical wiring harness’s, pedal assembly, lighting system.. Warranty begins the day cart is received by consumer.

Warranty Exclusions:

Batteries, motor, controller, and charging block. After market Accessories have manufactures warranties and will be left to the discretion of those manufactures. This warranty does not cover any pick up, delivery, or on-site service charges.

Voiding of Warranty:

This and any other warranty shall be void if the golf cart is abused or used in an unintended manner, shows signs that it has been altered after leaving our premises, but not limited to, modification of any systems such as speed governor, braking system, steering, drive unit, or any other operating system of the cart to cause it to react outside set specifications at the time of customization. The warranty will also be void if the cart shows reasonable signs that certain maintenance was not performed at the appropriate time or carried out correctly. Voiding this warranty based on any of these statutes is solely up to Bulldogcarts.